A Glimpse of the Year

Dear parents/ Guardians:


First two weeks – The first two weeks will be all about introduction, orientation of students to familiarize them with the school facilities and their classrooms, observation of the children’s capabilities, evaluating the students to be able to categories them correctly and getting the hang of the school routine.

Children’s books and stationaries- All the children’s books and stationaries will be kept in their respective classrooms. Books will be sent home only when there is homework to be done.

Book Bags – Children will need a back pack or school bag big enough to fit their books, folders and projects coming home. We would advise parents to label the bags and lunch bags and all other child’s belongings to avoid ,mix up.

Agenda and communication notebook– An agenda will be sent every Thursday to let the parents know exactly what we are going to learn in the upcoming week, plus what homework they have and the specific days. The agenda book will also be used as a way of communication between parents and teachers, parents can write any issues of concern in the communication book and the teacher will respond. These are important tools used for communication between school and home. Note that you can also call the school land line after 12:30 p.m. and request for your child’s teacher to talk to incase of important issue.

Homework – You will know which homework your child has from the weekly agenda, which states the date, the subject and the pages that the child is expected to do. Home work will be sent as follows:-


Pre-school- once a week ( Only on Thursday).

Kg 1 – three days a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday).

Kg 2 – homework will be sent daily.


We expect the children to hand in their homework the following day. Punctuality will be highly appreciated. Please “help” your child with his/her homework, but do not do it for him/her.


Break time – Our break starts from 9:00 a.m., please send your child with a snack he/she can eat neatly during this time. We would urge parents to send healthy snacks like a sandwich, a fruit, juice/milk. Avoid sugary candies and chips for a better health.

Dress Code – Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school ( School uniform – red t-shirt with jeans ) Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. You may want to send a sweater/jacket when the weather changes. Remember to put your child’s name in his/her clothing. Children should also wear sneakers for P.E. and the sports uniform ( navy blue t-shirt and tracks).

Activities/Parties – Throughout the year we will have several  celebrations. We will send a note home with information for each party. We will also include requests for certain  items/costumes we will need for each party.

Parents/teachers meeting – We have scheduled two meetings throughout the year where the parents/teachers discuss the progress of the child and get to work together to fully develop our children.

Behavior – Good behavior is essential so that all students have the best learning environment possible. The number one rule in our section,         ” Treat others as you would like to be treated ” It is our belief that children learn better when they feel secure. We strive to develop a classroom community where students work together and are surrounded with structure and creativity. We redirect students and provide positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors. Feel free to discuss any behavior/discipline concerns you may have about your child. Every child is unique!

Attendance – It is very important to be present daily. We learn so much every day. If your child becomes ill at school, he will be sent to the nurse. If the nurse feels the child needs to go home, she will call the parents. A child must stay at home if he or she has a fever, diarrhea, or has thrown up.

Birthdays – Birthdays are a very big deal for the children. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, you may bring in a store bought treat for the class. Please let us know at least a day in advance.

We look forward to a year of fun !


Kindergarten Department.