A World Without Chocolate?

This may be the cruelest news in all history. Global warming? Spare me. Extinction of the black rhinoceros? Nothing compared to this news. Hold on to your Hershey bars, everyone. Chocolate’s production could go meager seven years from now. By that time, what’s left of chocolate may taste horrendous.

The culprit is the crippling shortage of Cocoa. Experts say that by 2020, the widespread demand of chocolate will overcome its supply. In this year only, there was an approximate shortfall of about 160,000 tons of cocoa beans.Somehow, the experts have set an expected date in which this crisis will happen. It’s expected that the Chocolate Doomsday will be in October 2020. Sob desperately as you carry on reading.

Chocolate Demand is Up, Cocoa Production is Down

The problem is that the chocolate’s demand is exploding in Asia, Russia and Europe, and cocoa plantations that exist are not able to compensate for the incredibly high demand.In addition,  the high percentage of previous cocoa plantations are now being used to grow much more productive crops like rubber plants. Cocoa plants take about four years before they develop harvestable beans. There’s little encouragement to begin forming new plantations when profits won’t be made for several years.Pair this shortage with a skyrocketing demand for chocolate in Asia and Russia, and the problem becomes lucid. Demand in these areas has doubled since 1999.

There Will Still Be Chocolate Bars, But…

The shortage doesn’t mean you’ll never see a candy bar again after 2020. However, according to Angus Kennedy,who has tried the chocolate bar of the future , it’s going to taste like a sludgy horror show. Kennedy explained, “It’s nothing like the chocolate we knew and loved. It will be much sweeter, as sugar is the cheapest ingredient and can be used to hide the fact that there is less cocoa powder. Candy makers will have to replace cocoa with cheaper ingredients like raisins and nougat”, he added, ” they’ll also have to make the bars smaller and will likely make them in weird shapes to make them more appealing.” High quality chocolate snaps because of the level of cocoa butter, but in the future it won’t, as more vegetable fat will be used — the product will be more bendy and sludgy in texture. Your future “chocolate” bar will be a nasty, sugary thing made with palm oil, chemicals, and fruit and nut fillers.The scarcity of pure and fine cocoa beans will lead to the making of chocolate that only the rich can afford. True chocolate will be a luxury item, selling for about $113 per 2.2 pounds.

Start hoarding those Hershey bars now and eat chocolate like it’s going out of style. It really is. Our farewell message to chocolate, “You were always there when we needed you. We’ll miss you deeply. It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

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