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إعلان هام .. تعليق الدوام ليوم غد الثلاثاء 21/11/2017م


Attention: We would like to draw your attention to the suspension of school tomorrow Tuesday November 21 in light of predicted weather conditions. This is in congruence to the Ministry of Education’s decision and to ensure the safety of students   (بيان صحفي ) بناء على محضر اجتماع لجنة الطوارئ بالإدارة العامة للتعليم بجدة وبناء […]

يوم العالمي للطفل



Fathers/Parents Meeting for First Semester


                  Dear Parents, We would like to remind you about Fathers/Teachers Meeting which will be held on as following: Levels (6-12) Wednesday – November 15, 2017 from (05:00PM -08:00PM) Levels (4-5) Thursday – November 16, 2017 from (05:00PM -08:00PM) We are looking forward to a successful and […]

Mothers/Parents Meeting for First Semester


                  Dear Parents, We would like to remind you about Mothers/Teachers Meeting which will be held on as following: Levels (7-12) Monday – November 13, 2017 from (04:00PM -07:00PM) Levels (4-6) Tuesday – November 14, 2017 from (04:00PM -07:00PM) Levels (1-3) Wednesday– November 15, 2017 from (10:00AM […]

Dental Health Awareness Campaign


On Thursday, November 9, 2017 the Campaign “Dental Health Awareness” promoted mouth hygiene and its effect on the human body. KG students were taught how to brush their teeth correctly. “Make it a Habit” Calendar and “Super Brushing Zone” door sign were distributed to Grades 1-2-3-4, it was for them to track their oral habit […]

eAlpha Login Tutorial Video


Dear Parents of Grades 1 to 5, Please watch the video on how to Login into your eAlpha Account. We hope you find this information useful.    



              Dear Parents of Grades 1, 2 and 3, We would like to know more about your child. The more we know, the better we can work to meet her/his needs. Please answer the form below. Your response is very important to us. Thank you!    



Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students, Kindly answer the following survey: Thank you!

Orientation Day for Grades 1-2-3


السادة امهات طلاب وطالبات الصف 1-2-3 الإبتدائي                                             المحترمات تحية طيبة وبعد:  نفيدكم علمًا أنه في يوم السبت 4 نوفمبر 2017م ستعقد ادارة المدرسة اجتماع تعريفي للأمهات لتوضيح الخصائص الدراسية وآلية اختبارات كل مرحلة. وذلك على النحو التالي:  * امهات الصف الأول الإبتدائي: من الساعة 10 إلى 11 صباحاً * امهات الصف الثاني الإبتدائي: من الساعة […]



Dear Parents, To have an easy and fast communication with the school, kindly fill the following form in order to keep you updated with our news. السادة اولياء الامور الكرام… حرصا منا على تسهيل و تسريع عملية التواصل بينكم و بين المدرسة و لايصال كل ما يستجد من أخبار و خطابات, يرجى افادتنا بالمعلومات التالية. […]