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NEC Activities

              1- Trash and Climate Change -To View as a PDF file ( Click Here ).     2- Follow That Trail!  -To View as a PDF file ( Click Here ).     3- Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place!  -To View as a PDF […]

This is How You Sort Waste

              – Handbook for Source Separation ( This is how you sort waste ): 1- For English Language (Click Here). 2- For Arabic Language (Click Here).  

Nobles Environment Club Contract

GOAL: Think about the environment and commit to protecting it. What we do: THINK about our own actions. How do they influence the local and global environment? EXPLORE how people make decisions…starting with you! STUDY product cycles. Where does all the stuff we buy come from? Where does it go as trash? CREATE new uses […]

Green School Project

We all have the responsibility to conserve our planet’s natural resources; therefore we would like you to be an active member in “Nobles Environment Club” by collecting used materials in order to be recycled. On Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Wear your color coded T– shirt and bring along a reused shoe box wrapped in the same […]

Nobles Environment Club

              All noblers are invited to contribute in Nobles Environment Club (NEC). You are requested to show how you can protect environment starting from your room, home, neighborhood, your school and Jeddah city. Make a video showing us and others all over the world your contribution to protect our […]