Core Values

Our Vision:

A premiere educational institution offering quality education to children and stimulates their total growth.


Mission Statement:

Offering quality education based on well-defined standards developing both student’s knowledge and life-long learning skills with a deep focus on social responsibility, decision making and productivity for best contribution in their societies.


We Believe In:

  •  All students can learn
  • Respecting the diverse views and cultures of each person
  • Giving each individual recognition of his/ her special talents
  • Helping each student realize his/ her potential
  • Respecting the worth and dignity of each person
  • Focusing on academic excellence
  • Nurturing a life-long love of learning
  • Developing creative thinkers



The School’s Goals are centered on the student’s education and improvement in both academics and social responsibility to enable them to be independent and knowledgeable adults with potential and self-driven focus.


Prioritized Goals:

1. Increase the number of students who score at the average and above average level in the English proficiency tests and assessments.
2. Increase the number of students who score at the proficient or advanced levels in all the three major subjects, English, Mathematics and Sciences.
3. Increase student performance in comparison to the previous year’s assessment scores and targets in all areas of learning including behavior, independence and discipline.
4. Increase student performance on self-reliance and independency in all areas of their lives and enable them to think out-of-the-box. Give them a positive attitude towards        learning.
5. Maximize instruction for diverse student learning styles and at risk learners through incorporating and implementing a balanced instructional program that utilizes differentiated instructional techniques and matches students’ levels and skills across all levels.


Nobles Logo:

Like a high concrete and thick fence of a castle, the school is carefully built on the top with a concrete shield. This symbolizes a solid, strong foundation. At Nobles International School, aiming high and providing a solid foundation to every student is our primary goal.

Nobles Logo Colors:

Colors have emotions attached to them. They also emphasize ideas and views of people. Thus, Nobles Logo colors were carefully selected to give and reflect a clear image of the school’s spirit.

White: Pure, truthful, peaceful, clear, harmonious – it is the blend of all colors. In our school, we respect and accept the diversity of others.

Red: Passionate, energetic, bright, attractive, lively and distinguished. Our goal is to become one of most distinguished schools.

Royal Blue: Trustworthy, stable, serene, sophisticated elegant and serious. We believe that our students deserve a serious, trustworthy and serene environment.


School Pledge:

I pledge to treasure Nobles International School
As a place to learn and grow
By being honest and fair to all I know.
To show respect and be kind to all I meet,
To be responsible and work hard each day of the week,
To strive to be the best I can be,
So all can succeed in our school family.