In today’s complex world, children’s future is determined by their ability to master the basics of all academic skills. Yet some skills need to be developed. Quality online learning support and reinforce these essential skills, and create innovative, creative and engaging learning.

E-learning isn’t only for children but parents get more engaged in their children’s education as well. Educators and experts champion e-learning and contribute their knowledge on how children can learn better.

For these reasons Nobles International School started to apply E- learning Program that supports the English, Math and Science for grades 4 to 12. E-learning reinforces students’ learning through multimedia so students will enjoy learning apart from books.

And as a continuation to the preceding step, a workshop was held for Math, English, and Science teachers under the title “Electronic Teaching” on December 11, 2013. Its main objective was to help teachers use the E-learning program and how to send e-assignments by gathering information in order to evaluate students, and help those who need support.

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