Good vs. Evil

Once upon a time, there was a war going on in a faraway land, where the good and the evil take the last seat of victory. The evil have gloomy forces to fight for the cause.  But the good have the power of the last mighty sword. The dark forces strut ahead out of hell. Will the light penetrate darkness, like candle at night?

My breathing was shallow and the air was too thin. My vision was blurry but I could hear the demons and the evil powers screaming. I ran for help, only to bump into a man who seemed to have secrets concealed. He asked me about what I’m doing here. And I said, “Can’t you see I’m lost, washed away from the shore? Just tell me who I am, that’s all want,, nothing more . I recognize my face but not my soul, and god, I’ve tried, but  I’m a stranger to myself, so tell me who am I inside?” he replied,” that’s why you were sent here, dear. See, inside each of us there’s a battle between two wolves. One is evil; that is anger, jealousy, greed, hatred, lies, and ego. The other is good: that is love, happiness, kindness, peace, compassion, and truth.” “Which wolf wins?” I asked curiously.” The one you feed.” He said.

His words were carved into my brain. My devil whispers into my ear, “let the fire consume you, don’t worry my dear.” My devil smiles fondly with a look so loving as if he tells no lies. My angel says,” Don’t listen to him. The path he holds is piling up with sins.” My angel smiles softly with a look so loving that it made me want to cry. I was stuck and trapped in a place I didn’t even choose to be in. But I did have a choice in something I had a choice to either mark my existence or be the reason for my own doom .I had a choice between choosing the evil and be warmed by the flames and choosing the good and feel the light again. My world was in my hands.

I sat aside to watch the ongoing fight between the good and the evil. My observation made me realize that good and evil were twins. Where there was good, evil followed. In matters of good, evil poke its nose. It envied good and the joy it brought. Hence it attacks good and cuts off its wings. Evil seemed to be winning but the good was preparing for a counterattack in the meantime. I then knew the answer that could end this nightmare. The evil powers and the good powers divide and cut through the heart of every human being. And who among us is willing to destroy a piece of his/her own heart?

The war stopped. I found myself zapped out of this of this nightmare and I knew I was sent back to reality. I became conscious at the fact that, yes, evil is a part of every heart but it was my choice of every human being to choose who we will truly be. I chose what I thought was lacking in the world: the good. I held onto it and gave a piece of it to everyone I loved. Spreading good until evil’s defeat was done. My healed world now winked at me as I saved myself. Good is magical, do you see?


Written by: Lolwa Yosef

Edited by: Bara Hussam – Grade 7






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