About Us

Nobles International School

Nobles International School was established in 2001 and promotes high quality international education to the local community in Jeddah, based on the American curriculum. The school is a fully accredited school, and fully equipped with safe campus and satisfying facilities.

The school is a well-recognized school in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The school serves more than 34 Nationalities, which makes its environment a rich and diverse one.

The school strive to inspire students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers in an ever-changing society. So that it implements an e-learning program in order to develop the students’ skills and the requirements of our rapidly changing life.

The school has two sections: Boys section for boys from grade 4 to grade 12, and the Girls section for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade 3 and for girls only, from grade 4 to 12.

Students in the school perform at a high level and are competitive in mandated tests and many quality indicators of students achievement that average the school set benchmarks.

Vision and Goals:

Nobles International School administration, teachers and parents review the beliefs, mission, vision, and goals of the school annually. Additionally, as part of the school’s self-assessment and improvement planning process, the school curriculum undergoes continual review by the Leadership Team. This process encompasses the collective effort of all subject teachers from all levels and community members. All aspects of the student learning experience are taking into account not forgetting the rules and regulations laid out to the school by the Ministry of Education and the Cultural expectations of the society.

Programs and Services:

The school consists of five buildings. One building singled out for administration duties.

The Kindergarten attends school for 4 hours per day and the rest of the students for 8 hours a day. The school year has two terms, the first term starts in September for a period of (18 weeks), and the second (18 weeks).

The School has over the years tried to equally balance the number of students in each class as the numbers keep on rising.


School Name: Nobles International School (NIS)

Address: P.O. Box  51868 Jeddah 21553 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

License No. 111/S

Telephone:(+966) 12 66 432 88

Fax: (+966) 12 66 433 04

School’s Email: nobles_school@hotmail.com

Website Address: www.nis-jeddah.com

Accreditation: Nobles International School is an accredited member of AdvancED.