Nobles Environment Club Contract

GOAL: Think about the environment and commit to protecting it.

What we do:

THINK about our own actions. How do they influence the local and global environment?

EXPLORE how people make decisions…starting with you!

STUDY product cycles. Where does all the stuff we buy come from? Where does it go as trash?

CREATE new uses for old times-What is a creative alternative to making more trash?

CONSIDER solutions-Can we make a difference? Or is it too late?

ACTWhat can we do here at “Nobles International School”?


Recycling Responsibilities

This semester, you will be asked to become a more environmentally aware person. Our class will work to maintain recycling in the classroom and hopefully in the entire school.

For Parents

Homework: At home recycling

Students will be expected to use these new ideas of recycling and environmental awareness at home. Photos and journal entries will be turned in as evidence of their work. We want to make recycling a habit at home, at school, and everywhere. This is a very important part of our school program, and we need your help!

We ask for the full support from students’ families and guardians. Our youth will soon be adults, and they have a big job ahead repairing the damage to our environment.


Please sign below to show that you understand and agree to this program. If you have any questions, you can contact us at:,

or via phone, at:  00966-12-6643288.




For students- Please sign the following pledge:

I pledge to carry out my environmental responsibilities this semester, at home, at school, and everywhere that I can!


________________________________                                _______________

Student Signature                                                                 Date

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