Quiz Bee Competition

Quiz Bee Competition


The Math and Science departments in Nobles International School are conducting a Quiz Bee competition for students of grades 1- 8 for both girls’ and boys’ sections?

The competition started on March 11, 2014 and is continuing till April 15th, 2014. The first round of this competition is the elimination round where students solve quiz of 15 questions. The quiz consists of easy, average, and advanced levels.

The fastest students who score 11/15 and above will be selected to join the Quiz Bee competition. The contestants will undergo a quiz of 15 questions of three levels. Students have one minute duration to answer each question.

The Quiz Bee is a smart quiz where students answer questions that appear on the active board by using the Activote device. The fastest students and top scorers win the competition.

The science part of the competition for grades 1-3 has finished and it is still going on for the other grades.


The main objectives of this activity are:

  • Master the different topics taught in Science and Math.
  • Learn about being resourceful and efficient with the resources.
  • Appreciate the value of researching and reading books.
  • Know how to make decisions and face dilemmas.
  • Learn time management skills.
  • Acquire sportsmanship.

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