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A big welcome home to all of our returning students, and a warm salute to all our new students. Nobles International School wishes you a fruitful year full of learning and fun. It is our pleasure and inclination to expand our student’s knowledge, challenge their limits, and fulfill their eager curiosity. With that we proudly present The Science Club for this year. The goal of this club is to provide a supervised environment with extra-curricular activity. Based on our students most curious scientific minds and interests.

The science club will aim at learning new technological and natural phenomena and areas of study in a practical environment. It will start off this year by introducing our students to the cosmos and how to view the cosmos with the different types of telescopes and technologies. The students will learn how to align a reflector telescope, how to use and change the different lenses while learning the advantage and disadvantage of using each one, and finally how to track and find different items in the cosmos and enjoy the view. The students will venture aside the city to view the cosmos with their newly acquired knowledge and skills carrying an atlas of the skies.


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