Science Day

Science Day is celebrated all around the world to inspire the youth to develop passion for science and our future’s exceptional development. With this aim, our Science Day highlighted the important role of Science in our society. Each class from grades 4 to 12 chose an era of discovery or an invention that underlines the relevance of Science and its practical contributions to our community.  It was a day entirely produced by our students’ efforts. In addition to this, groups of students from grades 8 to 10 participated in an experiment contest in the Science Lab. Another exquisite part of Science Day was the Science Fair. It aimed to showcase and celebrate the creative recycling projects that the students had completed in their classrooms. Some interesting projects were even used to assemble the inside of a house. This year’s theme of recycling aimed to spread awareness about the vital methods to help protect our environment. It also hopes to help students realize their responsibilities towards our planet and incorporate recycling in their daily lives.

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