Science Day Memo (Grades 4 to 12 – Girls Section)

Dear Grades 4 to 12 Students (Girls Section),     

We at NIS believe that the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery and that the learning experience is mostly enriched through the students’ maximum involvement in hands-on activities. Therefore, we would like to invite you all to bring science in the forefront and enjoy a journey of discovery and creation by participating in the Science Day, which will be held on the 29th March.


  1. The theme of the classes for levels 4 – 12 is The Golden Age of Arab Scientists, which is about the discovery/ an invention of the Arab scientists which was the base of many inventions that lead to the development of many scientific fields. The idea of the theme will be further discussed with your teacher.
  2. You will be also involved in lab experiments as well as competitions.


Criteria of Evaluation

  • You will be evaluated using a rubric that focuses on 5 major criterions: creativity, execution, effort, cooperation, and simulation.
  • Each project/ activity will be discussed with the student(s).
  • You or one of the group members must be able to provide detailed explanation on the project/activity with clear scientific concepts and terms.
  • You will then display your project in the Science Fair.


Science teachers are always there for suggestions and guidance.  Think of this project as an opportunity to be creative and allow yourself to indulge in the experience of creation. Make yourself proud by creating a masterpiece.


Science Department

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