Student responsibility


Code of Conduct

Class Room:
1. Be Respectful – Say or do nothing that will hurt or offend another person.
2. Always use English language during school hours
3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
4. Do not bite, kick, hit or throw things.
5. Be Responsible – Have all books, materials and assignments here in class, ready and completed on time.
6. Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there.
7. Listen and follow directions when they are given to you by your teacher – Why? So you can learn new things and know how to be safe.
8. Don’t be Shy – Ask questions when you don’t understand something!
9. Be attentive when teacher is explaining and do not interrupt unless it is your chance to speak.
10. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
11. Keep your room clean, neat and organized.
12. Don’t write or draw on desks, chairs, walls, shelves, and door. Do not come near the board or teacher’s desk unless the teacher asks you to do.
13. Eating or chewing gum is not allowed inside the class room.
14. No wearing caps or sunglasses inside the class.
15. Come in complete and clean uniforms to school every day except for the free day.
16. Use the magic words Please, Thank you, & Excuse Me all the time.
17. Knock the door before entering any class.
18. Form quiet lines when entering and leaving classes.
19. Take your lunch box, water bottle and money before going for your break. You will not be allowed to enter the class during break time.
20. Respect others property. If you want to borrow something ask for permission.
21. Using bad words and teasing others is not tolerated.
22. Avoid disturbing the class by running, jumping, or making noise.
23. Submit all homework on the teacher’s desk first thing in the morning.
24. No borrowing or talking during quizzes.
25. Students cannot leave the classroom to drink. Bring your water with you every day.

1. Follow directions of duty person.
2. Please keep your area clean and use the trash cans provided to throw your trash.
3. Play only in designated areas.
4. Avoid playing in restroom areas, planted areas, on steps, ramps, areas near and behind doors, benches.
5. Before the bell rings make sure you go to the bathroom if you have too, wash your hands and refill you water jug .
6. After the first bell rings:
7. Stop immediately, walk and form quiet lines. Wait until the teacher informs you when to walk and enter classes.
8. No one will be allowed to buy anything from canteen.

1. Form a quite line.
2. Wait for your turn. No pushing or taking someone’s place.
3. Shouting and talking impolitely to the person in the canteen to serve you is unacceptable.
4. Ask for your request politely and pay the correct amount.
5. Calculate your change and leave.

1. Never enter toilets without knocking.
2. Do not peek in the toilet if someone else is using it.
3. Make sure you flush the toilet after your finish.
4. Use the hose appropriately and do not play with it.
5. Do not play with the lights.
6. Never keep the water running if you are not using it.
7. Wash your hands with soap before leaving the bathroom.
8. No littering is allowed.
9. No playing inside the bathroom.
10. No splashing water at others.