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100 Days of School


أولياء الأمور الكرام ……. تحية طيبة   نلفت عنايتكم إلى انه تم تعديل جداول الطلاب من الصف التاسع الى الصف الثاني عشر في القسمين (بنين –  بنات )  وذلك بسبب تقليص عدد حصص مواد الهوية. تم اضافة حصص المواد الإضافية (Business – Accounting) إلى الجدول الأساسي و تغير وقت الإنصراف ليوم الخميس فقط للساعة 2:15 […]

Appreciation for World Food Day 2017 Contest Participants

Dear All, We would like to thank all our World Food Day 2017 Contest participants, who helped us join the world in this global effort to spread the World Food Day message and raise awareness about their theme. The World Food Day Team has thanked all the participants and enthusiastically recognized their efforts and creativity. […]

Al Nabta Organization Kindergarten Trip

Our Earth is special, and there is just one. It gives us everything we need. In order for our students to understand our sentiments toward our Earth, and teach them how to protect it by recycling things, not throwing away, we took our Kindergarteners on a trip to Al Nabta Organization on Wednesday, January 4, […]