Universal Children’s Day

One of the beautiful opportunities NIS team experienced was when we painted a vibrant portrayal of our children’s wide smiles, happy tears, and surprised eyes – as they were the celebrating the festive Children’s Day in an innovative way. We take pride in being the channel through which our children were showered with heartfelt wishes and expressions of love, care, and support from both parents and teachers.

We celebrated our Universal Children’s Day 2017 carnival, themed “Children of Today, Our Keepers Tomorrow”, on Sunday – Monday, November 19-20, 2017. Our aim, besides making all our students feel special by surprising them with the messages from their parents, was to honor the spirit of childhood and commemorate their rights.

There were many fun booths for our students to participate in.  They had the opportunity to play enjoyable games, sing, dance, and take Polaroid photos as souvenirs. Another interesting booth was the entertaining puppet show that focused on the children’s rights.

It was an honor to once again team up with Alihsan Human Care Charity Association and SemSem World to commemorate this great day in the Al – Muhammadiyah Center. Many other renowned schools and organizations were present there, who like us were looking for chnaces to celebrate children. Our volunteers crafted and designed many stunning giveaways for the children of الحضانة الإجتماعية  and , الأسر المتعففة. The happiness and astonishment witnessed on the children’s faces were priceless as they received surprise gifts and hand-made giveaways. In addition to our corner, we presented the puppet show which was performed in school, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Alihsan Human Care Charity, SemSem World and Al Muhammadiyah Center for letting us join them in their program.

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