Welcome Letter

Dear family of NIS,

On behalf of Nobles administration and staff members, allow me to welcome you all back to this new academic year. I extend a warm welcome to those newly joining our family and who have entrusted us with their dearest. I am sure you are all riddled with excitement and hold a lot of aspirations and expectations for this upcoming year. I trust that all the staff members and the support crew have rolled up their sleeves in anticipation of this new beginning and are ready to serve you.

At NIS we always believe in developing our work and will always walk the extra mile for the benefit of our students. This year you will find technology strongly implemented in all classes; active boards have been installed in all classrooms and the IT team has taken good care of the Learning Management System Program (LMS). Throughout the year you will notice as new programs begin to surface. We have a lot in store for you! This is to enhance and develop the thinking and performance level of our students and to take them to new heights, as our expectations are always high, and to instill in them a love for learning.

For now, I’d like to draw your attention to the following:

  • The school gates will be open from 7:00 and we expect our students to report no later than 7:45.
  • Our morning assembly will start at exactly 8:00, after which our class advisor will lead the students to their respective classrooms.
  • Our daily dismissal time will be at 12:00 for this week for all levels.
  • We advise all bus riders who have registered online to be ready 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • The first week will be devoted to student orientation and multiple diagnostic tests will be conducted for all levels.
  • We will be honoring the celebration of the Saudi National Day during the next two weeks.
  • A detailed schedule will be provided to all students in regards to the books and uniform distribution times.


Let’s all put our hands together for a fruitful year to come.


Always yours,

Huda Almasri


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